X Factor Semi-final….my verdict!

PICTURE CONTACT HAYLEY CHAPMAN - 020 7633 2542It has been a long time since I’ve been addicted to a series of the X Factor, but confession time….I have loved this year’s series!!

I can’t put my finger on why I’ve enjoyed it so much, over past years I have found the show a bit stale and in need of a makeover and I really don’t like at least half the judges, but it could be the sheer talent on offer this year!

While Sam Bailey has undoubtedly stolen the show with her beautiful voice, and her version of Heart Will Go On was incredible, there is an excellent variety on of talent on offer and there really is something for everyone!

I love Sam, she is one of the most talented people on the show since Leona Lewis and I don’t doubt that she will do really will after the show, but here’s the thing….I don’t want her to win!

From the start I was backing Rough Copy and I guess I still am, I love their style, swagger and they always look professional. I love their performances and I’m always left with a smile on my face! (Yes that is partly their act, partly little Joey and partly the seriously sexy Sterling).

Last week however my opinion changed very, very slightly (by very I mean that I went and downloaded 6 of his songs on ITunes and then put money on him winning….I don’t do things by halves guys). I loved Luke Friend‘s version of Skinny Love, I thought it was pretty and so relaxing. I have liked him from the very first audition but it was only last week that I realised just how much I loved his voice! I guess, thinking about it, I would go but his album tomorrow as it’s the type of music that I go for anyway (Passenger, Newton Faulkner). He’s also easy on the eye, I mean he’s quirky and cute and he has such a beautiful smile!

Then of course you have little Scottish Nicholas. Isn’t he adorable? He’s the kind of person that you want to squeeze their cheeks (fact for you, we want to squeeze cute things because it makes us feel aggressive). I love his voice and last week when he did his little twirl to the Greatest Day! He’ll do really well in the future, at the end of the day he’s only 19!

My predictions!!!!

I think it will be between Luke and Nicholas this week, I hope! I want Luke to win! I see Rough Copy and Sam as definitely in the final, but I think all of the last four will do pretty well for themselves!!


Who are you backing? What are your predictions?


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