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Hey everyone, how are you?

I like writing, I like writing an awful lot and sometimes when I am having a really bad day I find that it’s often the only thing that can help me feel better. The benefits are two-fold, first of all it provides a distraction and second of all, there is something really therapeutic about writing your thoughts down on paper. Sometimes it really helps to see your thoughts on the paper, outside of your head because you can then talk yourself out of them easier.

If you’re new to this, it can be a really hard thing to do, so I thought that I would just tell you how I go about doing this.

Now I like to do this on two separate occasions. The first is when I am feeling particularly negative, and in case one of these situations I like to carry a small journal with me. On these occasions I like to do the following.

  1. Write down the date and time?
  2. Who was there and where were you when the anxiety started?
  3. What were you doing?
  4. What was the thought?
  5. How did the thought make you feel?
  6. What did it make you want to do?
  7. Then take the thoughts apart!
    1. Ask yourself how likely is it to happen?
    2. What would you tell a friend who felt this way?
    3. What are the alternative thoughts?
    4. Now how do you feel?

If your familiar with this sort of process, then you will probably recognise it from a “thought record”. These do exactly the same job, but the thought records are larger and harder to carry about, but in case your interested I have linked one of pinterest here!

On the odd occasion I also like to use writing therapy when I am having a bad day and when there is no specific situation that has caused my mood. In these situations I have no structure, and no plan, I literally just sit down and let the words flow.

Have you ever tried writing therapy? What do you do?

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