World Kindness day


I bet you thought that today was just a standard Friday in November, the last day of the working week and at the very most you may have noted the date (if you’re superstitious. But I bet you weren’t aware that it’s actually a special day.

Did you know that today was World Kindness Day

Leaving aside the fact that I find it rather concerning that we have to have a special day dedicated to being kind – surely people should be kind every day without the being a special day for it? – I thought I would mark the occasion by writing a kindness themed post?

But my scepticism and naivety aside perhaps we should use today to be extra kind to the world and the people around us? Perhaps we should make a conscious attempt to go above and beyond what we might normally do and make decisions that are based on other people and not ourselves?

Anyway if you’re a bit stumped for idea’s hear are 10 kind things that you can do to help other people.

  1. Donate money to a charity and a cause that you care about.
  2. Buy a hot drink or a sandwich for a homeless person.
  3. Decide to volunteer your time.
  4. Text someone in your phonebook and tell theme exactly what you love about them.
  5. Treat yourself to a pamper evening and commit to being kinder to yourself as well as other people.
  6. Phone a friend that you know might be having a hard time.
  7. Donate some of your old belongings or clothes to a charity shop.
  8. Learn more about a cause by researching and reading about it online – knowledge is power and power can be kindness.
  9. Donate food to your local food bank.
  10. Take the world kindness day pledge.

 Let me know what you will be doing for world kindness day.

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