Words to live by!


Life is hard sometimes isn’t it?

We are faced with huge decisions and sometimes these decisions can mean doing something that goes against what we believe in. It’s always a good idea to have a moral code to which you try and live your life or a set of principles which govern choices.

Yet sometimes it can be really hard and things can lead us astray but I still try to abide by a few core values. And I can really just sum them up in a few words.

Kindness // I’m not the religious type but there’s definitely an element of truth in the Christian golden rule – do unto other’s as you wish to be done un to you. Seems kind of fair right? But how often do we forget about this little rule? It’s definitely something I’m guilty of but by and large it’s a rule that I try to focus on, something I try to live by and one that get you a long way.

Struggle // Life is a struggle isn’t it? Just one huge fight to get on top of things, to survive and to win and it’s a good moral to remember. Viewing life as a struggle pushes you to work ten times harder.

Forgiveness // It takes a lot of strength to forgive someone and sometimes a part of you just doesn’t want to, I get that, I mean it’s not the easiest thing in the world is it? Yet ultimately holding on to anger, as satisfying as it might be, is a draining thing to do. It takes effort not to like someone and even more to be angry at them.

Love // I’m a very loving person, I’m a huge people person and I really do enjoy being around other people. I wear my heart on my sleeve (see previous post about being sensitive) and go above and beyond to show people how much I care. Love is one of the best things in this world, it’s one of the most amazing emotions and I honestly don’t know why you wouldn’t want to experience it.

Solidarity // I’m a socialist, a trade unionist and someone that believes in the common good and solidarity is a huge part of my principles. I love the feeling that it gives you, the buzz that comes with being part of something massive and for me it’s only a good a ting.

Dream // Because without dreams is there really any point?

What words do you live by?

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