Why you should vote tomorrow!


Tomorrow Britain goes to the polls, as the European Parliament elections return to our shores and this year it’s more important than ever that you cast your vote!

This year Europe faces the threat of the far-right, in a way that it’s not been faced since the second world war. In Wales alone, we have three far-right parties standing and the expected low turn out combined with the protest vote, could see UKIP top the polls, a frightening thought when you consider their nasty side and the true “UKIP agenda”. It’s a fact that while the moderate vote is most likely to give the election a miss, the extremist voters will relish the moment they tick the box.

The European elections are governed by a system called proportional voting meaning that every single vote counts and all you have to worry about is voting for the party. . In this election your vote really does matter.

The European Union receives its fair amount of bashing in the media and by several high profile politicians, but don’t let that you fool you because the EU is crucial to the British economy. It therefore goes without saying that it’s even more important that we have a strong, moderate and truly representative politicians in the parliament.

Why the European Union matters?

  •  It’s good for business! As part of the single market, the EU has free trade between all its member states and almost 50% of UK exports go to the EU. Leaving the EU will have a detrimental impact on this trade and that’s a lot of money to lose.
  •  The EU encourages investment in Britain.
  • Police coordination. The European Arrest Warrant helped secure the arrest of British criminal Andrew Moran, the escaped armed prisoner, who was in the Costa Del Sol, without the help of the Spanish police, he could still be out there.
  • EU Structural Funds. As a result of the ESF millions of pounds has been invested in the United Kingdom.
  • Influence outside Europe. Stood alone it would be easy for the UK’s voice to be lost in transition but our voice on the international and European stage is far more powerful as part of a group.

Tempted by Ukip, here are some reasons not to be.

  • It wants to privitise the NHS.
  • It wants to cut your rights at work.
  • It would issue a “flat rate” tax, meaning that you and me will be paying the same as David Beckham and Gary Barlow. Fair? Oh actullay, not Gary Barlow as he dodges taxes.
  • It seems to attract rather nasty individuals.
  • It hates the EU, but it’s MEPS happily take the MEP salaries.
  • It’s homophobic, racist and sexist.

Get out there and cast your vote!!!

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