Why Ed was right to go to war with the Daily Mail?

Given the general consensus that Ed Milibnd’s

conference speech and the subsequent policy announcements that came with it were both a lurch to the left and policies that could potentially win him the next election, there was very little doubt that the British right would launch a gull blown war against Ed. The article printed on Sunday was completely and utterly pathetic, and I think that most people with any moral compass would agree, but perhaps gave us a telling insight into where the battle lines would be drawn for the next election. If the right are willing to stoop that low, then we must fight from the opposite end and not use the dirty tactics that they are choosing to deploy.

I got into a debate on facebook with a friend about this, she said that it was just politics and that nothing should be drawn from the article, after all she argued didn’t the left only do the same when Thatcher died. The answer is of  course no, while I don’t condone anyone that “threw a party” at Thatcher’s death, the difference is that she was and remains a figure of public interest, she ran the country and there is no way that Ralph Miliband fits the description.

Politics aside, the article was largely based on very little evidence and therefore a deceased person’s image is being tarnished for party political gains. Of course, in same way or another Ralph Miliband’s beliefs will have rubbed off on his sons, that is of course inevitable but does it really effect the policies that Ed Miliband is likely to pass. Put simply, while the Left will discuss the rich family connections of much of the Tory frontbench (and rightly so because the does directly affect policy)you would never see the Daily Mirror publish a picture of David Cameron’s baron connected family. At the end of the day, Ralph Miliband’s beliefs have no impact on you, me or Joe Bloggs down the street and especially because he is sadly no longer with us, he should be left alone.

This has of course taught us one key think, brace yourself ladies and gentleman, because with over a year still left until the general election and Lynton Crosby now working for the Tories and this sort of vile poison from the right-wing media, we can expect a lot more yet.

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