Where my blog idea’s come from?

ideas come from

I’ve successfully maintained this blog for over a year now, a thought that would have seemed unrealistic had you told me so when I first started, I simply could have never imagined having enough ideas. Yet here I am and blogging is such a massive part of my life now that I can’t imagine a life without it.

I often get asked by my nearest and dearest how I still manage to come up with blog idea’s because while certain posts naturally repeat themselves (season updates, monthly faves and updated current routines) on the whole I still manage to find new topics to write about. Sometimes it’s harder than others (like July this year when I barely blogged at all) but other times and most of the time it comes a lot easier (thankfully this is one of those).

So whether your a budding blogger or someone that already writes a blog here are some top tips for creating new, exciting content.

  • Read, read, read. I am someone that naturally enjoys reading, I read blogs, newspapers, online news sources, magazines and of course books, and I’d say that 90% of my idea’s come from these sources. I often spot an image or a raging debate that I just HAVE to offer my own thoughts and opinions on, so hence a blog post follows.
  • Everyday life. I always carry a small notebook around with me because I often find that idea’s just pop in to my head. Life, the sights that we see around us every single day, are another source of my inspiration because they often stir up something inside me. Spend sometime every day just watching the world around you, sit in a coffee shop or go for a walk and allow those creative juices to work their magic.
  • Brainstorm. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard I try idea’s just don’t flow and my imagination decides to go on strike making the rest of my brain work twice as hard. Ask any blogger and they will tell you how frustrating this is but it’s no good getting angry as that only makes things worse. When I feel like this, I like to sit down with a pen and paper and just brainstorm. I generally start by thinking about previous posts because sometimes these can help spark an idea

Where do you getting your literally ideas?


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