Where I want to travel next?

Travel Next

I absolutely love travelling and having new experiences, I think it’s such a healthy thing to do and last year I was lucky enough to visit a few different places. I travelled across the country for various events, visited Krakow one of my favourite city’s and fell head over heels in love with New York.

This year I want to expand the list of places I’ve visited but also to return to a few previous loves and these are the one’s that I’ve benchmarked for 2016.

The Norwegian Fjords // I am obsessed with the Scandinavian countries, I just find them fascinating and I’ve wanted to visit there for the longest time imaginable. Last year I took my mum to New York, so this year I wanted to do something similar and we decided that it was time do cruise the Norwegian Fjords. I am so excited about this, I love that we get our own little cabin and get to see some incredibly beautiful places. I’ve always felt really comfortable on and near the sea, so a cruise is going to be incredibly relaxing for me! I cannot wait and of course I will blog about it.

New York // Since visiting the Big Apple last year I have had my heart set on going back to New York City because I was definitely bitten by the bug. It’s one of the most incredibly places that I have ever been and I really felt at home there.

Jersey // A few years ago I travelled to the Channel Islands and they are such a beautiful place. As someone with a natural and at times obsessive interest in the second world war, I find the Islands to be naturally interesting. Yet the first time I visited I found more than that because I loved the way of life, the landscape and pretty much every other aspect of the place. This year I want to visit them again, spend more time researching for my novel and just immerse myself in the beautiful villages.

Berlin // I’ve never been to Berlin but I have always wanted to visit and this year it’s definitely on my list. Again I want to go there because of the history element but also because it’s seems to be such a beautiful place.

Where do you want to travel this year?

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