When an outfit doesn’t go to plan?

When an outfit doesn

You know exactly what I’m talking about, you need to buy a new outfit for an event or an important meeting but because of the busy lives that we lead you have no time and you therefore have to make a dash to New Look. You plan the perfect outfit in your head, clutching at items from their rack, envisioning them coming together to form the meanest outfit in the venue. You hold them together and think damn I’ll look good in this and I’ll be the trendiest person there. You scurry to the till with a smile on your lips that reflects how you feel, savy, stylish and before you know it your planning what your office at Elle will look like. The minimal white style of the furniture and the kitsch decorations that will make the office pop.

Then you get home, you jump in the shower, throw on your make-up and new outfit before finally looking in the mirror. Then it all goes to pop.

The top is a little baggier than you had anticipated and instead of looking stylish it looks like you’ve run out of clothes and have opted for a recycled recycling bag instead of a dress. Or the skirt is a little too long, making your legs looking short and chubby. The outfit just doesn’t work…

We’ve all been there and if you can honestly say you haven’t then I salute you, I doff my cap, I bow down and any other action that demonstrates a profound respect. If you fall in to this lonely category, then I think your probably not human, probably super human and there should definitely be a noble award for that kind of acclamation (when I’m prime minister). It’s happened to me far too many times in the past (I clearly mean last week) and it’ll undoubtedly happen again, but over the years I have learnt some quick, disaster and time saving tips that should stop this from ever happening again.

  • Dress rehearsal. It sounds completely obvious and yet it’s a simple tip that could really save a lot of hassle and yet I still regularly miss this part of my “mad dash” plan. I sometimes think I’m a glutton for punishment. Never ever ever should you purchase an item without trying it on first and yet when time constraints kick in I have to remind myself of this basic rule. Always always try the item on.
  • What can I wear it with? It’s a good idea to get in to a habit of asking yourself this simple question anyway but definitely when you’re in a clothes related hurry. Never plan an outfit around one piece and always have a back-up option in place, just in case it doesn’t go to plan. Before you buy anything try and think of at least three items it could be worn with, if you can then run to the changing room pronto.
  • Think basic. When I need a new look fast I tend to look for simple, classic items in shapes that I know work for me. As my figure is top heavy I know that anything too low or lose on the top just won’t work and so I immediately eliminate these options, it saves me time and lessens the chances of the outfit not working. In this situation also avoid busy looking prints and instead opt for simple block colours. This saves a lot of future pain.

What advice would you give for avoiding a fashion disaster?


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