What’s on my iphone?

 Whats on iphone

I’ve seen quite a few of the big youtube names do this tag and I quite like it, because I’m useless at finding apps and I like getting inspiration from other people. I’m going to do this in a list form and I’, only going to mention the apps that I think are worthy of a mention.

  • Week Cal- I won’t say too much about this app because I”m actually going to mention it in a separate post later this week but I am obsessed with this app! You know by now that I love being organsied and this app has really helped me keep on top of things.
  • BBC News
  • Guardian
  • Finance file- Barclays, Barclays pingit and spend tracker.
  • A beautiful moment- I love this photo editing app and I regularly use it for creating pictures for my blog posts (including the above picture).
  • Health apps- various but none worth noting.
  • Hootsuite- I love using this for schedule facebook posts and tweets.
  • Audible
  • Bloglovin

What’s on your iphone?

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