What’s on my iPhone 6?


I’m definitely a nosey soul and so I tend to love the “what’s on my iPhone” video’s that regularly grace my youtube feed. As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been really struggling with blogging lately and while things are definitely starting to get better because of a new strategy that I’ve developed, for today I just wanted to write an easy post. I’m sorry if that makes me a cheat.

I thought it was time that I shared what’s on my iPhone with you. I’ve been really loving apps over the last couple have months and have been spending a lot of time downloading things that I think might be helpful in helping me use my time wisely.

I have the gold iPhone 6 and here as a small insight in to what is currently on it!

BBC News // Standard news application, not my favourite but an essential one to have for staying up to date with current affairs.

Guardian // Same as the above!!

The Independent // This is my favourite news application because I tend to find that the Independent present the news in a much fairer and more comprehensible manner.

Wales Online // Another standard news application.

Moodnotes // I’ve made no secret of the fact that I suffer with occasional anxiety and depression and I love having access to an application that allows me to monitor and challenge negative thoughts. I’ve only been using this app for a few weeks but it’s having a really positive impact and I love that it offers you the opportunity to instantly analyse your thoughts and by default challenge them.

Streaks // This application is literally life-changing because it’s created to help you create new and healthier habits. It’s a really well designed little application and worth every single penny.

Peaks // A brain training application and one that I have incorporated in to my daily routine.

Day One // I try to write in my journal every single day but sometimes it just doesn’t happen and so having a portable, streamlined application on my phone that offers the same purpose is ideal! I have this on my MAC and iPhone meaning that I can quickly jot down entries and get them sent across to both platforms. I’ve been using this for journalling but I am also going to start using it for writing and drafting short stories too.

Barclays banking // Another essential application and one that I would be lost without! It’s without a doubt the easiest way to check your balance without having to worry about getting to a cash point.

Social media applications // Facebook, Facebook messenger, whats app, linkedin, we chat, instagram, we heart it, periscope, snapchat, pinterest, tumblr, youtube, hootsuite and paypal.

Buddify // This is a really awesome application for anyone that is interested in easy, guided meditations!

Calm // A standard application for the anxiety haver!

What apps do you have and what other ones would you recommend?


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