What your spots mean?

Face mapping

We all get the occasional spot, even those of us (I’m not one) that eat as healthy as possible and have a tried and tested skincare routine, but sometimes a spot can be your bodies way of communicating with you. Face mapping is an excellent way of understanding your skin, because it can help you understand what your body is trying to tell you and it is something I have been using for several years!

I am not a scientist (trust me on that one, I hated science) but my experience and research has given me a fairly good understanding of face mapping, so I am going to attempt to share this knowledge with you! (If you like these sort of posts then please give it a like!)

So to make the post a lot easier, I’m going to use the above image and refer to the numbered sections! (Some sections are missing but I just wanted to do an easy post that dealt with the “problem” areas.)

  1. Forehead! The forehead is said to correlate with your digestive system, the better your body is removing toxins the less spots there will be. Spots in between the eyebrows are a sign that you have been drinking too much alcohol, meaning your body is breaking down toxins slower. Water is the best way to avoid spots in this area because it helps to cleanse and clean out your system, but if your attempting to look good for something then probably best to avoid any nasty items. Top tip- Use a powder foundation on any concealed blemishes here as it will stop the concealer from slipping and creasing, helping it to last for longer. I like to take a beauty blender, roll it in my powder and dab that on the problem area to ensure that it hits the spot. (Pardon the pun there?)
  2. Cheeks! According Chinese medicine your chest is directly linked to your lungs, so if you suffer with a chest complaint you might be prone to spots in this area! Dehydration can also cause redness in your cheeks, so once again the best tip is to drink lots of water! Top tip- Invest in a green complexion corrector because green will help ensure the redness is hidden away, and then stipple a liquad concealer on the top!
  3. Chin! Time for some bad news! So aside from general skincare and drinking lots of water, there isn’t an awful lot that you can do to prevent breakouts on your chin! Your chin is linked to your menstruate cycle and at different times of the month you are prone to spots on different parts of your chin!!

Well I hope that helped in some way!! Let me know your tips!

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