What your coffee says about you?


*This is meant to be a fun post.

Gone is the cafine-phobe, coffee taste hating young lady that once was and in her place is a coffee consuming fiend who can easily see off 6 cups a day. Since developing this expensive and unfortunate addiction it’s safe to say that I have learnt a lot about coffee – the numerous different types, the different drinks, different roasts, and on and on and on. Yet something else that I’ve learnt is that certain people drink certain types of drinks and I’ve come to understand that you can learn a lot from people simply by overhearing their order.

So be warned if your in front of me in the Starbucks queue (my coffee outlet of choice) I am going to judge you on your drink and these are the sweeping statements that I might make.

Flat White // You’re the kind of person that values a no-nonsesnse approach and you want your coffee how you like your life – quick and to the point.

Skinny Vanilla Latte // The “skinny” part of the order suggests that you are attempting to undo the naughtiness of the vanilla syrup, you have a sweet tooth and a bubbly personality. Chances are you’re a creative soul and potentially a blogger.

Americano // You’re someone who really knows their coffee and get frustrated as people dilly-dally over the coffee’s. The novices ey? Of course you take your Americano black, how else would you take it?

Frappuccino // The chances are your someone that’s incredibly young at heart, you love the American culture and feel more comfortable when dressed in casual attire.

And in case you were wondering, mine’s a skinny vanilla latte.

What’s your drink? Do you judge people on there coffee?


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