What the 2015 General Election has taught us?


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Oh What a night! It was nerve racking, it was disappointing and for me it was incredibly upsetting but the General Election is finally over.

In the unlikely event that you hadn’t noticed, the general election was yesterday and while Labour appeared to lead in the polls, the result was pretty shocking with the Conservatives knocking home a win. That’s right, after months and months of campaigning, of seeing the politicians faces constantly on our TV screens and month’s of them trying to be “normal”, the election is finally over.

But before you breath a sigh of relief that you will no longer be seeing Nigel Farrage’s face every day (he is no longer leader, yay), it’s likely to be  a few days before the actual converge stops. After the resignation of Ed Miliband, Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg, we will now witness three leadership elections not to mention the analysis of this incredibly surprising election.

It is an election that has shocked even the most astute of political commentators (but apparently not Katie Hopkins who knew all along, lol) and there are some really important lessons to learnt.

We need political eduction // One of the main reasons for the Labour defeat was the ever present myth that Labour created the global financial crisis. It’s a myth that Tories and Murdoch media have peddled to crushing effect and one that looks set to stick for a while yet. This continues despite the fact that leading global financial experts have stated the contrary but apparently the Tories know best. Not to mention that they backed Labour spending plans throughout the questioned parliament. I can’t help but feel that political education would have assisted in the defeat of this incorrect belief and would have made the media influence less important.

The public never forgives a liar // The Lib Dems could have never predicted they would do as badly as they did and it’s safe to say that the public are punishing them for the coalition.

The media are as powerful as ever // When the Murdoch media came out in support of the Tories in 2010 it was a game changer and their effective scapegoating of Labour for the global recession set in motion the biggest myth that has ever been told in British politics. The media did exactly the same at this election, demonising Ed Miliband in an unjust and unfair manner. I could write reams and reams about the negative impact this had (I accept it wasn’t the only faster but it did play a role!) but I won’t because it should be easy to see. The media have a huge role to play in politics, they are there to hold the government to account, but at the same time they have to be responsible! It is unfair of them to demonse individuals or launch personal attacks on the leaders of certain parties, it’s about their politics and not their personal lives.

It’s time for the Party’s to differentiate // I have said it time and time again but it is time for the Parties to be more radical, to be more left-wing. The Labour Party needs to look at it’s policies, establish what was so attractive about the SNP revolution and look to create a movement once more. Once upon a time that is exactly what the party was- a movement- and people felt special for being part of it. These days the party has become more professional and some of the original sentiment has sadly fallen away. A radical, slightly more left-wing agenda would bring back that exciting feeling and make the Party feel an important and relevant force again. In that way Labour can draw a lot of inspiration from the trade union movement. We were devastated last night, destroyed in many ways but the leadership contest gives us an exciting opportunity to reinvent the party and change it’s direction for the better. I’ll be blogging about that tomorrow, about who I would be backing and what I am going to be looking for.

Politics is changing in a big way // If you hadn’t thought it before you should have by now because the British political system is changing forever.

Battle busses are now a “thing” // Gone are the minibuses that were once at the heart of the election campaigns and here are the huge, beastly buses that we have seen dominating our TV screens as of late. I am not sure when it became a thing but I really want one for driving to work in. Anyone know where to get one?

What did you think about the election?


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  • Reply Uglyfish May 10, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    Great post. Politics needs to be taught in schools. It was taught in my sister’s grammar school but not in my normal comprehensive. I also agree that to make an impact, Labour have to be more left wing – I think we’re going to see a lot of people becoming more interested in politics over the next few months, which is fantastic!

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