What lessons can we learn from children?


Aren’t children just like the greatest part of the being human, so what lessons can we learn from children?

Their spirits, their attitudes and their interpretation of the world is beautiful, no other way to put it. I love spending time with my cousins, their personalities are infectious and I quickly repossess my childhood spirit.

It’s funny isn’t it because despite being a culture that still values, encourages and embraces the concept of “childhood”, we are putting increasing pressure on young people to grow up quickly. I think it’s a consequence of the technological age but young people are growing up and want to grow up too fast.

So I got to thinking, why are we so quick to abandon our childhood and what lessons we can learn from the children?

Use our imaginations // Children have the best imaginations, you can see it in everything that they do but as we grow up we lose that quality. We are taught to “live in the real world” and to forgot the imaginary world that we once inhabited. Have you ever watched children play? They can imagine their own world in the blink of an eye and anyone watching could easily be convinced of it’s reality. When children approach a problem they like to be as creative as possible, challenging the situation and attempting to come up with the most creative solution possible. I think we could all use a little bit more of this,

Ask questions about everything // Have you ever been in a car for a long time with a child present? My gosh don’t they ask some questions, everything is seen as an opportunity to learn something new and they are not afraid to ask for an explanation. Sometimes the questions are so basic, about subjects that we take for granted and sometimes we don’t even know the answer ourselves. Their curiosity and fascination with the world is beautiful and we would do well to try to embody that a little more.

Make friends in an instance // Children walk in to a room and in seconds they have made themselves a group of friends to play with. They have no inhibitions, no expectations and their shy-ness quickly disapperas.

Believe in yourself // When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut and a Spanish dancer, my ten year old self was convinced that I could be anything I wanted to be. That changed so quickly and I still admire children’s ability to believe in anything and everything. My little cousin is convinced that one day he will be a spy, although he did ask for me to draw him a map to the police station, he has no doubts that it is his destiny. I want to be a bit more like that, to believe in my ability to do things. Minus the spy part, I would be a rubbish spy.

What lessons can we learn from children?


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