What I’ve learnt – so far.


I first started this series months ago now and since the it’s gone from strength to strength and I can genuinely say that I love writing it. It’s so important that we all share advice, lessons and tips as we go along and for me this series is perfect for that.

This week I thought I would do a summary pos and would share the best lessons I’ve learnt form each of my previous articles.

Hope you enjoy!

What I learnt from a parent having cancer? Tell them you love them // It’s three little words but it makes the world of difference to people and helps give them the strength to fight the illness. (Full post here).

What I’ve learnt from being related to a football player? You can never please everyone // I don’t think that this needs to be explained in much detail because it’s pretty simple, you will never be able to please everyone and there will always be someone who is more than happy to criticise you. (Full post here).

What I learn from being a political activist? Feeling special // Being part of something that important, makes you feel important and it makes you feel special. I love how I feel when I’m with my comrades, it feels incredible to be fighting for something that you know could change the life of millions and it’s that exhilaration that makes all the stress worthwhile. (Full post here).

What I’ve learnt from turning 25? Sometimes you will be wrong // Being wrong is a fact of life but it doesn’t make admitting it any easier. I hate admitting when I’m wrong but it does happen (although I would have everyone think the opposite) and when you are wrong it’s important that you admit it. (Full post here).

What I’ve learnt form being sensitive? It’s pretty much impossible to control // As much as it pains me to admit it, sometimes I just can’t control my own emotions and sometimes I get teary without even thinking. It’s the silliest little things, the one’s that happen every day but for some unknown reason they really do upset me. (Full post here).

What I’ve learnt from having anxiety? It’s part of me // In a way it’s part of my everyday life and it’s something that I just have to live. Despite me having tried my utmost I simply can’t eradicate it and I definitely can’t ignore it. I don’t think it’s something that you just “get over” and while it’s not something that I love having, it’s a part of who I am and that’s that. (Full post here).

What I’ve learnt from being the other woman? Being “attractive” isn’t all that // Throughout high school I had always wanted to be an attractive girl, I wanted to have the kind of attention that I saw the pretty girls getting and it always felt as if I was losing out on something. We all like to feel loved, to feel wanted and to have someone attracted to us but it isn’t and shouldn’t be the end game. (Full post here).

What I’ve learnt form break-ups? Change is ok // I’m definitely a relationship kind of person because I love the comfort and stability that a relationship gives you and usually this means I hate change. I’ve been in some really bad relationships, one’s that were inevitably going to end in break-up and yet despite that it’s still hard to accept when it’s over. If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt (and obviously there are a few, hence the post) change is a huge part of life, it’s inevitable and fighting it only makes it worse. Eventually change is a good thing because from each breakup comes a lesson and from that comes a second chance. (Full post here).

Guest post! What I’ve learnt from coming out? No matter how accepting a family member is when you come out, they may still struggle // This was a hard thing for me to understand: how can a family member who is supportive still manage to be offensive about a part of my life? (Full post here).

What I’ve learnt from being in debt? It affects everything // It literally affected every aspect of my life and caused issues across the board. My relationships suffered, my university life and my mental health has never really recovered from the anxiety and depression I suffered back then. (Full post here).

There you go!

If you are interested in writing a guest post for this series, then simply pop me an email at kaieshapage@gmail.com.

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