What I’ve learnt from – being a political activist


Ok so this post it technically late (and by technically I mean totally and utterly two days late, whoops) but things have been kinda messy lately, I lost my mojo for a few days and was extremely disorganised. So I thought I would post it today anyway and that way we can get things back on track. I am definitely feeling back to normal and my motivation is “somewhat” resorted.

So last week I introduced my new series, what I’ve learnt, and I discussed the big lessons I’ve learnt from the fact that my uncle is a football player. This week we are going an entire different direction and instead we are talking about the things I have learnt since becoming a political activist. It was meant to follow my top tips post which offered advice on how to get involved with politics. So it seemed like a spiffing idea for this to follow nicely on.

You can’t please everyone // And believe me I’ve tried but there is absolutely no way that you will ever please everyone. I quickly came to realise that despite being a member of the same party, I often had disagreements with my political friends and try as I may there was no way that I could agree with them on everything. So instead I’ve come to accept that there are going to be disagreements and anyway internal debate is healthy. Well as long as it’s not played out in the media I mean – Labour leadership election I am looking at you.

Bad people // There are bad people everywhere in life and I’ve met a few of them in the political environment. There are people who are in politics for all the wrong reasons, people who are doing it for their own gain but worst of all there are people who will stop at nothing to get to the top of the ladder. These people are dangerous, they will stop at nothing to get what they want and will step on anyone to get it.

Good people // But ultimately there are far more nice people than there are bad and the nice people are the one’s that make the difference. I’ve met lots of people in the Labour Party whom I now consider to be close friends and writing this I can think of at least 40 genuinely, nice people. They are the one’s that make the Party what it is and are the one’s that keep me coming back.

Ups and downs // Every single party has huge ups and huge downs but it’s the ups that really matter. The downs are where parties learn their lessons, have difficult debates and rebuild the foundation on which they are built. But the ups are where the change is made.

Feeling special // Being part of something that important, makes you feel important and it makes you feel special. I love how I feel when I’m with my comrades, it feels incredible to be fighting for something that you know could change the life of millions and it’s that exhilaration that makes all the stress worthwhile.

Would you add anything?

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