What inspires my fashion style?

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I like to think that my style can be a little bit quirky, I love standing out from the crowd and I love pulling together an outfit that really make people smile. I love embracing the current trends but I never lose sense of my own personal style, at 24 years old I think I have a decent understanding of works for me and my shape. Yet I never wear anything too outlandish, but one unique item can really make an outfit pop and that is really the pinnacle of my personal style.

I often get asked where my personal style comes from and it’s a rather complex question in the name of fashion blogging, I thought I would try to dissect it for you.

  • Magazines. I am an absolute magazine addict and if I was solely responsible for the safety of the publishing industry, I can assure you that they would have nothing to worry about. I LOVE a new, glossy magazine and in all honesty it’s where I get about 90% of my style inspiration from. I love pulling items from various different people, styles and trends pooling them together to create an outfit that just works for me! It’s basic but it’s time tested and it works.
  • Other people. I love people watching FULL STOP. It’s where I get my inspiration for novels, blog writing and outfits.
  • Shop mannequins. Sometimes I see an outfit on a mannequin in a store and something just clicks for me. I never buy the whole outfit but occasionally I pick little items off the display and weave it in to a look that really hits my style.
  • TV and film. I’m obviously not talking Coronation Street or Emmerdale, I’m talking Made in Chelsea, Gossip Girl or Ugly Betty. These shows are the bomb for style inspiration.

Where do you get your style inspiration?


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