What are we teaching young women?


Has anyone else ever noticed how the media often offer conflicting information? Whether it be regarding relationships, weight or your career? I can’t help but wonder what damage it’s doing to young women and their self-esteem, constantly telling them to do this or that. Demanding that they live up to out complicated expectations? It’s something that has always bothered me and recently I’ve found myself wondering, what are we teaching young women?

There’s such a thing as the perfect body // But there really isn’t and it’s an incredibly dangerous thing to be telling young women who are constantly being inundated with advice, suggestions and images encouraging them to go after this so called perfect silhouette. The idea that there is a perfect body is nonsense because we all have different shapes, figures and what is normal for me isn’t necessarily normal for you.

Women have to act a certain way to get a partner // There is so much advice in magazines suggesting that women have to be a certain way in order to attract a partner that I sometimes have to physically stop myself from screaming. You’re told to be confident but coy, funny but unassuming and this and that and so on and on. And yet at the same time you’re also encouraged to be yourself. It literally makes my brain turn to goo because it’s just all too much. We all have our own tastes and similar to buy shape, mine is completely different to yours and the person who is attracted to me isn’t going to be the same as you. It’s silly to suggest otherwise.

And if you don’t, then you don’t your destined to a life of loneliness // The obvious implied consequence of not following the above advice. Sigh.

That there is only one definition of success // In order to be successful you have to be rich, have an attractive and wealthy partner and 2.5677 children but what if thats not what you want? Why can’s success be changing the world, being satisfied in your own body or having a job that you love? Success is subjective and like all the above mentioned posts, there’s a pattern emerging here.

What are your thoughts on this issue?sig

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