We all have the moon…

After a hard day’s work the commuter looked out of the window,

And saw the moon with its eerie glow.

He smiled at its beauty, its innocence and also its love.

Because wherever you are in the world the moon is always above.

After a long day’s work he began to daydream,

Feeling warm, bathed in the moonbeam,

He closed his eyes and the world faded away.

A mother who stood at the end of the street,

Anger, grief, and pain in her swollen feet.

The moon shone upon her with concern and worry,

But she does what she does because she needs the money.

She goes with the men though it makes her feel filthy,

She thinks of her kids and then she feels guilty.

But the kids they must be fed.

A few miles away, not really that far,

The rich man clicked a button to lock up his car.

He looked up at the mansion that lay in front of him, such a pretty sight,

It was surrounded by hedges and pretty flowers, all bathed in the moon’s light.

He felt really lucky that he had what he had,

But possessions didn’t matter because he still felt dad.

He wished, more than anything, he had someone waiting for him at the door.

The elderly man had his arm on his wife’s shoulder,

As the doctor gave the news he pulled her a little closer.

Fifty years of marriage and now it’ll end like this,

He looked at the window, saw the moon and then gave her a kiss.

He looked at her face and smiled at his sweetheart,

He gave her a squeeze as his tears fell onto his shirt.

Six months the doctor said, six months- nowhere near enough.

Blood seeped from a cut on the little boy’s head,

His mother lay next to him, cold and dead.

Between his screams, he looked to the sky,

The moon shone brightly and he asked why.

Another plane, making angry noises, crossed its path,

Dropping packages and unleashing its wrath

A war raged around him, but he had no idea why.

As the man settled down on the street for the night,

The moon shone above him like a kiddies night light.

He muttered a prayer and then he closed his eyes.

He asked his God, then where, when and the whys,

He said, God won’t you help me, I hate where I’m living,

The people you see, they’ve all stopped giving.

I hate this life, this is where I thought I’d end up.

The girl fell to the ground with a thud,

Her smart uniform covered in mud.

The bullies hit her, as they did every single day.

She looked at the moon and stars, she let them take her away.

She thought one day I’ll join you, one day I will prove them wrong,

I’ll no longer be weak, I’ll be powerful, successful and strong.

The kicks stopped hurting, and instead her head was filled with hope.

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