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Relationships are a crucial part of life, we form them and we lose them but each and every relationship plays a unique part in our lives, teaching us something new about ourselves or our lives.

I am really bad at dealing with break ups, I hate them, I hate the finality that comes with calling it quits and I hate the inevitable loneliness that comes with it. Each break up always feels like the end of the world, a chapter closing forever but inevitably time passes and with it heals your breaking heart.

I honestly believe that each relationship is like a mini life lesson and should be treated as such, the mistakes you made in one shouldn’t be made in another. Yet I know this is a lot easier said then done. But anyway as I was in  a reflective mood I thought that I would share with you the most important lessons that my failed relationships have taught me.

  1. You can’t make someone love you, it’s something you’ll never have control over. Never try to be the person that you think they will love, just be you and if they are the one then that will be enough.
  2. In connection with the above point, never ever change for someone.
  3. Never rely on the other person to make you happy, be happy on your own and allow the other person to be a separate positive part of your life and not simply your life.
  4. Never settle for being the girl on the side, unless it suits you fine, because if your giving them everything then they should be giving you it all too. Never give them everything without them committing, you deserve to get what you give.
  5. Never settle for anything less that you deserve.

What advice would you give?


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