Urban Decay Naked 3 swatches

Urban-Decay-Naked-3Urban-Decay-Naked-3I have a confession for you- I have never owned an Urban Decay palette. Now for anyone reading this who isn’t interested in beauty or isn’t a fellow beauty blogger, this will be no big deal but I must admit that I feel slightly ashamed not to own any of the famed Naked palette’s. So when it was announced that the Naked 3 was to be released in December I had to have one.

So I did!! I was lucky enough to get my hand’s on one yesterday and I am really excited to be bringing you my first impression, a mini review and the swatches from the new palette! (I am sorry for the quality of the pictures, my camera is broken and I am having to use my phone).

First Impressions…

  • The palette comes in a beautiful rose-gold tin, a theme that is consistent throughout and the front has a pretty ruched effect.
  • In the cardboard box that the palette comes in, you get a week’s supply of the famed Urban Decay primer potions, which I like a lot. I wouldn’t normally buy an eyeshadow primer but I am excited to try them.
  • The tin clips together well, and it feels pretty sturdy. Although I’m not going to experiment with dropping it.
  • There is a beautiful and fantastic quality brush with it. The brush has two ends, one is a flat shader brush and the other a fluffy blendder. It’s fairly heavy and is a much better quality than the one’s you normally get.
  • I am already in love with the colour’s inside, because while they remain on the “naked” spectrum, the rose-gold/pink hue adds a little something more. There are 12 colours, 3 matte and 9 shimmer.

Urban-Decay-Naked-3Urban Decay 7Colours from left to right.

  • Strange. A pale matte, satin shadow. This is a really pretty peach colour and will be perfect for a highlight colour when using the rest of this palette.
  • Dust. A pale pink shimmer, with tiny glitter particles. While this is a really beautiful colour, and is pretty unique, I have to agree with the other beauty bloggers and admit that this is of pretty poor quality. It feels really gritty and feels like it would be pretty uncomfortable.
  • Burnout. This is a beautiful peach, shimmer and is perfect for people with hazel or green eyes (like me). This will beautiful on a number of skin tones and will particularly work during the summer with a no-shimmer bronzer. Let your eyes do the talking with this one.
  • Limit. This is one of the matte shades, it is a light pinky-peach toned shade. It is to die for and is the perfect bottom lash and crease shade.
  • Buzz. This has the same tiny shimmer particles as Dust, but it is a lot more pigmented. It has a pink-rose coloured tone, and is perfect for the inside of your eye. On the sleepiest of winter morning’s this is the perfect pick me up.
  • Trick. This is my favourite colour in the palette and is definately one for all year round. This is another shimmery colour, but this one has a rusty, gold look to it. I love this.

Urban Decay 6Colours from left to right.

  • Nooner. This is the final matte colour in the palette and is probably the best. This is a taupe colour with a slightly pink overtone and again is a perfect lower lush and crease colour. This will really help define your eyes and add a little bit more shape.
  • Liar. A mauve, shimmer shadow. Out of all the shimmers on the right this has the most pink, and is the perfect daytime shimmer.
  • Factory. This is a darker shimmer to the others and is the start of the “smokey” shades. It’s a beautiful dark taupe colour that works well on the outer edge of theeye, and also underneath the lower lash. While it has a sexy grunge quality and is the perfect smudge coloour, it adds a lovely depth and is pretty easy to wear. Where the pink shades are better for warmer toned skin, this colour will work on anyone.
  • Mugshot. This is a greyer colour than the rest, and is perfect for a smokey eye.
  • Darkside. This is a gorgeous, dark taupe shimmer that has a hint of purple to it. This is a glamorus liner and will look really hot with a cat flick.
  • Blackheart. I love this colour, because while it is almost black the red toned glitter adds a little something extra. In some lights it has a red tone and in other’s a purple, and is the perfect night time shimmer!

Verdict- I am really, really impressed by this palette, and am really excited to give it a whirl over the party season. I will create a full-review and also a post about the looks that I create, but on first impressions I really like it!

Have you got in to the Naked craze?

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