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Organisation 2

It’s been a while since I wrote an organisational based post but seeing as I finally have a system that works well for me, I thought that I would share it with you. I’ve mentioned before, how in the past I’ve struggled to find an organisational strategy that’s worked for me, and generally after a week or so I end up abandoning it. However I’ve been using this current set-up for about six weeks now and I’m finding that it really works me for. My time is much better managed than it has been in the past and I’ve found that I am actually getting things done.

The Calendar

Organisation 1

I’m still using my much loved Filofax but because I’ve discovered an amazing new app, I’ve been using it slightly less. Now alongside this I’m using the amazing iWeek app too. This app, which can be viewed as a week or month, is super easy to use but for me, it’s working better than the ical app. I love that everything can be colour coordinated, allowing me to easily coordinate my weekly plans. I still carry my fiolfax around with me but as a result of the app, I am now only carrying it about when needed and if I ever leave the house without my bag, I know that I still have access to my weekly plans.

The To Do List

This is probably the item that has made the biggest difference because after much trial and error I have finally found a system that works for me. Using one of the Moleskin journals, I simply list the tasks I need to complete as I go along and cross them off accordingly. In the past I’ve tried colour coordination, priotising tasks but nothing seems to have worked…until now! The moleskin is a nice small size and slips perfectly in to the back of my filofax, making it uber portable too. It’s a really basic system but maybe that’s why it works.

The blog planner

Previously I was using a WH Smith diary to plan my blog posts and for a while it worked for me, however over the last few weeks I haven’t been using and so I was on the prowl for something new. Coincidently my birthday was last weekend and my wonderful little cousin bought me this pretty butterfly planner (bang on trend as well). The pages have no dates, meaning it can be started at any time and this has fast become a really effective way for me to plan my blog posts.

Organised 3

How are you managing your time?

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