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So I have decided that my 23 years on this amazing planet, now make me qualified to offer you wonderful people some nuggets of wisdom and therefore this is going to be the first of many “Top Tips” posts. As A Level results have only just come out and university is soon to start, I have decided to give this post a university feel and therefore will be giving a few brief tips to help you prepare and survive!! I just want to assure you all that I have indeed been there myself and have first hand experience of this amazing opportunity. Those that are still awaiting a confirmation or just nervous to start, all I can say is please do not worry (easier said than done), everything does work out fine in the end.

Finance– The boring but ultimately important part.

  • Ensure that you have ensured you have applied for any bursaries or scholarships that you are entitled to, it may seem like hard work but I can honestly assure you that it can make a heck of a difference.
  • Be sure to get a student account because this can help you get the benefits and low charges that you need. Make sure that you shop around first and get the best account for your needs.
  • Budge, budget, budget!! A really boring bit but it will help and save you a lot of worry in the long run!
  • Do your research and find out what your university has available if you have any financial emergency. Most universities have hardship type funds available and although the application process is hard and you do have to prove hardship, it is worth knowing that it is there, just in case. It’ll save you worrying where you can turn if your in trouble.
  • Secret tip- if you get the opportunity to work at the school open day or use your room to show perspective students, then do, because universities often pay generously for this! I did and was paid about £60 a term, it’s not a massive amount but was a nicely little added extra at the end of the term when money is running low!


  • Make sure that you know all you can about your union and how it works. Find out what they have on during the week, what mental health services are available but most importantly find out who your sabbatical offices are. These are elected student that are there for you, and can pretty much help you through all issues you may have or at least point you in the right direction.
  • Always been interested in politics? University is the perfect time to join a political party as they have special student organisations and a cheap rate. If party politics isn’t for you, try and get involved with your student union as the union elections can be excellent fun.
  • Get involved with your student media, not only is a great fun and social opportunity, it will give you experience and skills when later applying for jobs.
  • When you first move into your flat, wedge the door open and put your name clearly on the door, this will help encourage your new roomies to came and introduce themselves. This step will particularly help you if you are shy.
  • If possible attend the fresher’s and society’s fayre with your flat mates, that way you will be more confident in signing up to clubs and will know if any of you have similar interests.


  •  Use a Dictaphone in lectures. These cheap little devices are ideal if you find taking detailed notes hard. However still take brief notes alongside this because it will help you focus and help in the long run.
  • Always always chose your essay topics in advance. The library will quickly run out of books during essay season!
  • Organise study groups, and perhaps combine it with a take away, a social and study event will help you discuss topic’s that you may be a little confused on and help you make friends in your group.

I hope you have found this helpful, please let me know below if you did and also if there are any topics that you me like me to cover.

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