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Most of us would love to be more confident and it’s definitely true that confidence comes with age, but there are also some certain tips and tricks that can be embraced. Over the years I have fine tuned these skills and believe that I have an effective toolkit to help boost my confidence, and of course, I am going to share these with you!

1- Positive thinking!

Positive thinking is crucial, but being brought up on a diet of constant criticism and unrealistic expectations has conditioned us to a lifetime of negativity. So in order to better the way we view ourselves it is crucial that we challenge these opinions, try to relearn how we view ourselves and remind ourselves how great we are.

Use a thought record to record any negative or self-detrimental thoughts that you might be having. Use these to discover any common thoughts, situations or emotions that you might be having. Keep these records safe as they might then help you in the future.

Top Tip- Over the last few months I have started carrying a “positivity notebook” and so far it is definitely working for me. Each time I do something great, achieve something or someone else praises me, I record it in my notebook and soon those things start to add up. When I’m having “one of those” days, I pull it out of my filofax and remind myself exactly why I am so awesome.

2- Challenge (thoughts).

Low confidence is always preceded by a negative thought and to better your confidence it is crucial that we learn to challenge them. This takes a look of practice, but practice makes perfect and eventually you can turn this in to a positive habit. Start by using your completed thought records, be sure to fill in every single column and challenge these thoughts on paper. Eventually with practice, you will be able to challenge your thoughts automatically and in your head and soon it will become the normal thing to do.

3- Challenge (yourself).

Once you’ve done the first two points this one will be pretty easy and once again you can use your thought records for this purpose. Use them to work out exactly what it is you are worried about and try to establish exactly what you are worried about. Use this information to  create a series of steps or situations that you want to take, create or attend in the coming months. Avoidance creates a horrible cycle with your inability to challenge yourself furthering your personal anxieties. Don’t push yourself too far too fast, and only try and do one a month, eventually there will be nothing left to do.

4- Dress up and fake it!

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What are your top confidence tips?

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