Tuesday’s Top Tips – Surviving University


I struggle to believe that university was over 4 years ago, it still feels likes yesterday and I still miss Aberystwyth with all my heart. Those 3/4 years were undoubtedly the best years of my life and I’ll always look on them fondly, they really made me who I am and it changed my entire life. Yet while I did love university, and there were definitely more good times than there were bad, occasionally there were huge challenges to overcome!

So seeing as I’ve been there, done it and got more than one free t-shirt, these are my top tips on surviving university.

Own the first few weeks // Who doesn’t love Fresher’s week? I think Fresher’s week should be enshrined in law and every organisation in the UK should organise Fresher themed antics because it is essential to forming friendships.  I’d say that at least half of the friends I kept throughout university were friends that I met in the first two weeks because we all experienced the weird cocktails of emotions together. Excitement? Check. Homesickness? Check. Hangover? Mighty check. Own these first few weeks and you’re half way towards making it through the rest of the time there.

Push yourself // The Fresher and Societies fair’s will literally leave you in awe of the number of opportunities that are open to you and trust me when I say this, there is a society for literally everything (quid-itch I am looking at you!). Join as many as you can, try as many different sports as you can and make sure that you push your limits.

Dare to dream // Ever thought that you might be good at acting? Or perhaps you fancied yourself as quite the Shakespeare? The join the society that goes with it! University is the ample time to try everything and anything that you have ever wanted to!

Find the balance // University is one huge balancing act and trying to balance everything, all at once and while standing on an ever wobbling ball that is your motivation can be an extremely difficult experience. Sigh. Yet striking the right balance is essential for ensuring success.

Are you going or have you been to university? What tips would you add?

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