Tuesday Tips – Managing Stress…


Ah stress, fun isn’t it?

But let’s be honest here, at some point in our very busy, ambition driven lives we all suffer from it and knowing how to handle it can make the world of difference. It’s the difference between the good kind of stress (that makes you reorganise, reassess and thrive) and the bad kind of stress (that ensures you end up on your back in front of the TV, eating Ben and Jerrys from the tub while pandering the numerous better uses that there are for your time). Now don’t get me wrong the last option is fun and when used as a relaxation technique it’s perfectly acceptable but it’s not ok when it’s the result of “brain drain” or pure stress.

I’ve been there. Believe me have I been there but getting older definitely has its perks and knowing what stress looks like and how to handle it is definitely one of them. And hey if all else fails at least there is always cocktails, another perk of growing up.

Colour // I’ve always found colouring to be relaxing and boy am I thrilled that grown up colouring has become a thing. No longer do I have to colour quietly in the corner. I’ve taken to carrying a small colouring book in my handbag and if I ever feel the need to relax or refocus my mind, I know exactly where to go!

Organise // Organisation is crucial to ensuring you feel in control and organised and is less likely to leave you feeling under huge pressure. Make to do lists every week and each morning sit down and decide which items need doing and when. Use this list to make sure that you complete the hardest tasks first because this will make the world of difference.

Schedule you time // I’m someone that likes to schedule everything, I thrive under routine but I’m definitely guilty of neglecting me time and all too often fill my time with tasks and things that I need to do. I work from home a lot and have been known to work until 10pm, without switching off, without relaxing and as a result it often leads to late nights and bad productivity. These days I try my hardest to finish everything by 5pm (I say that now at 9pm, so clearly it’s something with which I am still struggling) but scheduling “me time” really does help.

Commuting time // Unless you’re very lucky and happen to live near your work place or you regularly work from home, commuting is likely to be a part of your every day routine. If you, like me, are forced to endure the perils of public transport why not put that time to good use and use it as time to relax before and after work. I love reading books, I love reading the news and I love reading magazines so I use this time to do this often forgotten hobby.

What tips would you add to the list?


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