The Triangle Trend

triangle trend

Once upon a time they were a shape to be feared, one that seemed to be the centre of your math based nightmares and the stuff that school torture was made of (Pythagorean anyone?).

Fast forward ten years and now they seem to be at the centre of the high-streets jewellery collections with everyone from Claire’s to River Island getting in on the action. The humble triangle is a hot trend for SS15 and with prices starting form £3.99, it’s one that everyone can get on board with and it has to be one of the most accessible style updates.

So grab your ruler, protractor and grid paper and get your butt to your nearest clothes retailer because triangles can add an instant degree (get it?) of style!

All that glitter’s IS gold // Gold is the key to getting this trend right, as currently the precious metal is making a huge comeback! To keep this trend looking classy, stylish and modern, look for items of traditional gold colouring and partner with precious stones in a variety of pretty colours.

Does your necklace hang low // The easiest way to wear the trend is to look for necklaces with triangle shaped pendents and again gold is the key. These necklaces are long, navel grazing long and pendants are thick and heavy. Look for necklaces with a single triangle pendant and wear them piled with shorter necklaces for added style points. So, does your necklaces hang low, can you tie it in a knot, can you tie it in a bow…..

Abstract // Triangle’s don’t have to be triangle’s in order to be stylish, they can be part of a complicated pattern or doubled up for a diamond-like shape and still suit the trend. Dangly diamond shaped earrings are uber-chic and can glam up any outfit in an instance.

Are you fond of triangles or would you rather they be banished to the math’s classrooms?


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