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Hey guy and welcome back,

As you can see from the title I am finally going to be writing my “treatment” post and I am really sorry that it is so late!

Today I am just going to be personally reccomending the best mental health treatments that I myself have tried, and just helping you to understand a little bit more about what is out there for you. If you are interested in reading any of my previous posts, please click here.

A few weeks ago I also posted about “CBT” and what exactly it means, now most of the treatments that I have tried are best on this method, so I suggest that you have a little browse at that.

  • Books- There are a huge number of books on the market, some that are really specific while others are slightly more abstract, and believe me I have tried a few. I do suggest that you have a little look yorself and pick the one that suits you best, but I will reccomend the one that helped me post. Mind Over Mood: Change How You Feel By Changing the Way You Think, is a really chunky and fairly expensive book, but it is really effective too. You can pick these up both second hand and from the library, which is what I advise you do. Each chapter has little activities and excercises and can I suggest that you do try each one of these, because they do help and it really is no good just doing the odd one or two.
  • Websites- Now this is a lessser known treatment type, but one that I myself found really useful. Unlike the book, this is not something that you have to pay for and as it is all storted online it is a lot easier to tackle the challenges. Again there are several different ones, but for me the best was MoodGym, which is free. This has a similar set up to the above mentioned book, and could even be used alongside it.
  • Writing therapy- This is probably the last one that I found effective but I am someone that writes things down, if your not then this is probably not for you. There is a lot of information on the internet about the best way to use this treatment, but for me it was just anaylising my thoughts, reaffirming myself and trying to get the thoughts out of my head and down on paper. If you keep a journal then try and notice patterns, I found this really useful for noticing patternsin my thoughts.

Thanks! Please comment if you have tried any or want to add any more ideas.

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