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Tory economy

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So you might or might not notice that I have changed certain aspects of my blog, let me know what you think below!

A few weeks ago I published a post about the myths that the Conservatives have been spreading regarding the benefit system in the UK, and I tried to smash some of the lies (they aren’t lies so much as very clever manipulation of the facts). Today I’m hoping to do some more “Tory Myth-busting” for you.

Over the past few months the Conservatives have been doing a continuous lap of honour, claiming that the harsh sacrifices they have made (pah let’s not forget that it’s the general public feeling the cuts and not the millionaires on the front bench who actually received a tax cut from themselves) are finally working. The economy is finally growing, and it’s excellent that more people are in work, but when the Conservatives (and that other party that there are in coalition with, I can’t remember their names now. Jokes) tell you that they are amazing and the heroes of the modern day, remember the following facts!

1.       “We’ve saved the economy and therefore the world. Tories to the rescue”.

Despite what the Conservatives might have you think, when the Labour Party left office in 2010 the economy had actually started to recover from the global financial crisis (more on this shortly). As a result of the measures taken by then Prime minster Gordon Brown, the UK exited recession in the final quarter of 2009 with the economy growing by 0.3% and this was still in the chokehold of the financial crisis. While it is important to acknowledge that the economy is now growing, the truth is that the Tories took the UK back into negative growth and therefore prevented the economy from recovering as well as it possibly could have. Undoing all the work of Brown, if you like. Had the Conservatives stuck to the “proven to work” spending plans, then we might have continued to grow. (Of course they couldn’t do that, having won the election with their new agenda). Let’s not forget that it’s taken this government three years to secure any economic progress, it took only one year and in the midst of one of the hardest economic periods.

2.       “It’s all Labour’s fault, sir!”

Unfortunate for the Labour Party (it could have been anyone and it happened to be them), they were the party in government when the global financial crisis happened. The Conservatives have relished the opportunity to pin the blame on Labour (despite themselves knowing the truth), but there is no way that Labour were responsible for a global economic crisis. In actuality had Labour not bailed out the banks when they did the country would be in a considerably worse situation now. It would also appear that the Conservatives have selective memory also because throughout the majority of Labour’s premiership, they backed Labour’s spending plans.

3.       Perhaps the biggest one of all- “We’re all in this together”.

This is perhaps the biggest joke of all, and they truly proved this to be the case when they lowered the 45p tax rate, meaning that millions of millionaires keep more of their own money. Bare this in mind when you consider the amount of disabled people that have been effected by the bedroom tax because of this austerity agenda. While our most vulnerable are getting hit hard by these nasty measures, the rich are becoming richer still. It’s also true to say that only those at the top are feeling this supposed economic growth, with most of us unable to answer the question about how much better off we are now than we were before the election! Underemployment is rife (meaning people are working less hours than they want too) and the value of your money is also falling. Despite this hardship bankers bonuses are back and the people at the top of the big businesses (energy the perfect example) are once again earning a fortune. When the Conservatives tell you that they are making the big and difficult decisions, just remember this…

 While many of Britons chose between eating or heating, the front bench are choosing between a yacht or a holiday home. Tough choices all around, hey?

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