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I love sharing my stories, advice and experiences with you and essentially it’s the reason why I created this blog so my Tuesday tip’s are among my favourite posts to write. This week I decided to approach one of my favourite subjects, something that I absolutely love but unsurprisingly something that I don’t do enough of – travelling. 

I’ve never been a sit still, drink a cocktail and catch a tan kinda girl and for me travelling is one hundred per cent about the culture. I love learning about the history of the places I visited, whether that be in the UK or a far away country and I always use the visit to immerse myself in their culture. Sun tan’s and cocktails can wait.

I recently blogged about my travel story and today I am going to offer my tips on how to ensure that your trip is a roaring success, every minute is memorable and you leave with knowledge that you never had before.

Research // When I’m going away I always make sure that I research the locality first, particularly looking for places of interest or aspects of their culture that I might be particularly interested in. Sometimes I make a plan of what I want to see and when (aways best if you have a lot of things that you want to do) but when you go away with other people this largely goes out of the window. But even if you can’t plan an itinerary, it’s always a good idea to have an understanding of where you a going, if there are certain cultural rules that you should be aware of and what you can expect to see.

Check the weather // Even if you are going to a country that has predictable weather (so definitely somewhere outside the UK then) you might take for granted that you should take this or that type of clothing. The modern world and the advancement of technology now means that you can check the weather in advance on your phone, so always run a pre-travelling weather check!

Check, check and check again // It doesn’t matter how many times you get asked, it is always a good idea to check you have your passport, whether that be in the car on the way to the airport, just before you board the plane or in the hotel. Check you have your passport, then check again and again because checking could avert a potential disaster!

Be prepared // Look I understand that airplanes have to have luggage limits but by heck it’s a nightmare isn’t it? Especially if you, like me, prefer to be prepared for every eventuality. I always carry all kinds of first aid equipment, especially if I am going to a country that isn’t familiar to me. This is an essential part of my travelling routine!

What tips would you add?

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