Top Tips- Surviving a Down Day

Hey everyone, welcome back, how are you?

This is only a short post but I just wanted to give you some advice on the best ways to survive a down day, whether it’s a bad day at work or just one of those days!


1. Always have a care package hanging around, these are made for days such as this. I will write a detailed post on the one I keep hanging around, but briefly here is what I like to have in mine…

  • A bar of chocolate
  • Pictures of my family, particularly one’s of family events that make me happy.
  • A face and hair mask. No explanation needed.
  • A soppy, feel good film.
  • Affirmative statements
  • 2. Unless you absolutely have too (teacher, boss, commitments) don’t don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, or force yourself into things. Take your time, relax and try and to do what you enjoy.

    3. If you can’t do number two, then remove yourself from the situation for two minutes. Pop into a room where you are alone and use affirmations or visual thoughts to cheer yourself up. Daydream, tell yourself it will get better and think of something nice. Alternatively download a relaxation app and use that.

    4.Go for a walk, let your mind take in the location, the scenery and noises, realise that the world is a massive place.

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