Spring clean

Top Tips- Spring Clean your make-up

Spring Clean

It’s that time of year isn’t it? The awkward phase between Spring and Summer, the time when you slowly start to switch your clothes and make-up, making room for your summer based editions. It therefore makes sense to use this phase as an opportunity to sort through your make-up collection, binning what needs to be binned or falling back in love with neglected purchases.

I’m a nightmare when it comes to this. I’m organised, tidy and I love everything having it’s place but sorting through my make-up collection fills me with pure dread.Yet nonetheless it has to be done, so here are my top tips for having a spring clean of your make-up.

1- Foundation

Yup, it’s the obvious place to start, but you would be amazed how easy it is to bypass this section! As the weather starts to warm I like to embrace lighter, dewy shades, preferring my natural skin to see the sun.Reluctant to throw any make-up away, I like to put my heavy foundations in storage and instead I use a lighter bb cream or a liquid, water based foundation like the L’Oreal Nude Magique foundation.

Top Tip- Remember to switch up your foundation to suit your current skin colour. Even in the British summer sun (or LACK of) your skin will darken slightly in summer.

2- Add in some colour

Summer is all about colour, it’s part of the fun of it and this season, blue, lilac and pastel shades feature heavily. If you, like me, work in a professional environment and are nervous about embarrassing a bold eye, then why not consider simply switching your eyeliner shade? I am loving a lilac line on my lower lashes and it makes my eyes look wide awake!

3- Use by date

Looking to cull some of your make-up collection but not sure where to start? The use by dates on some of your products could be a really could place because it’s really easy to let this fall by the way side. Outdated make-up can have a really nasty effect on your skin, particularly if your prone to flair ups.

Top tip- When I’m in desperate of a make-up sort out, I tend to set myself one harsh rule. If I haven’t worn an item for at least 6 months (festive and seasonal colours and items the obvious exception to the rule) then it has to go!!

Are you planning on having a make-up sort out this season?

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