Top Tips- Setting and Keeping News Years Resolutions (GOALS)


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So yesterday we entered 2014 and with it came a plethora of blog posts about their author’s chosen goals and resolutions for the new year, shamelessly to say I was no different! I am no good at writing or keeping resolutions, but I am good at achieving goals and I therefore prefer to set myself a set of goals (hence the brackets). I thought that I would give you some tips and tricks to set yourself a set of yearly goals.

  1. Truth. Pick goals that are true to your beliefs, moral code and overall goals for your life. There is no point picking goals that will make other people proud or happy, but might be detrimental to you or against what you believe in because they won’t make you happy in the long run!
  2. Realistic. It is really important that you dream big because if you don’t dream big then you can’t achieve big, but be realistic about what you can really achieve in a year. For example becoming prime minister, saving £2 million pound in 12 months will be borderline in impossible for most people but getting involved with a Political Party or saving £100 would not be. While a small amount of pressure is a good motivator, too much will have the opposite effect!
  3. Breakdown. Ask yourself where you want to be in 12 months, and then work backwards, setting one goal for each month. Then break each of those goals into small steps and place them on a “To Do” list.
  4. Motivation. Remember your motivation and ensure that you have little reminders all around the house! If you want to lose weight then have a picture of a fit person on your fridge or in your wallet. If you want to save money towards a deposit for your dream house then have a picture of it in your wallet. I have a motivational mood board binned above my bed, that way my goals and the motivation for them, are the first and last thing that I think about.
  5. WRITE! I cannot over emphasise the importance of writing these goals down, and having them with you at all times!!

What are you tips for keeping your goals?

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