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We’ve all done it, made an unforgivable fashion mistake, only to realise it and regret it for a long time after. So here are my biggest fashion hates and my top tips of avoiding them!

Legging let down. See through leggings sigh, there’s not a lot worse than this fashion mistake but there a few simple ways to avoid the embarrassing error. Black underwear, asking a family member to check for any peek-a-boos or simply investing in a more expensive and thicker pair, are all ways of avoiding this mishap.

Misfitting clothes. It’s an easy mistake to make, either you hastily grab clothing of a rack assuming that the size will be fine only to find that it’s too big or too small, or out of shame you opt for a smaller size than you are but either way, it’s a recipe for a fashion disaster. Too big and the outfit will drown you, unflattering for any body shape but too tight and you risk a dreaded “muffin top”. There is really only one solution to this, make sure you try clothes on before you take the tag off them but preferably before you even leave the shop.

Too matchy, matchy. I’m all for careful consideration of accessories when putting together an outfit and I agree that certain colours really shouldn’t be worn together, but be careful or you could end up with the dreaded “matchy-matchy” overdose. You all know what I’m talking about. Break outfits up by using nude colour accessories or even looking for the perfect fashion perfect clash, pairing opposites to create an uber-fashion look.


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