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#TimeToAct Campaign

tiem to act

Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool and when used correctly it can even bring about positive social change, as as been demonstrated lately. Take the #bringbackourgirls hashatag, which forced the mainstream media to aknowledge the awful kidnapping of hundreds of girls in Nigeria, a story that had shockingly received little attention until people took to twitter to express their solidarity.

Last week a new twitter campaign started campaign after Angelia Jolie and William Hague once again raised the issue of sexual violence during conflict. The campaign #timetoact, is calling on governments and international organisation to take action on the awful issue and I personally wanted to express my support. This is an issue that facts both sexes but 70% of reported cases were committed toward women and girls. Children are as much at risk as adults with UNICEF estimating that there are 150 million girls and 70 million boys at risk of sexual violence.

Post your selfie with the hashtag and show your support for the fight.

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