Thursday’s Top Tips- Insomnia


Living in a media and social network dominated world definitely has it down sides and as result of our constant ability to be switched on and receiving constant information and communication, sleeping has become a luxury for many. As a result of my anxiety and the fact that I use my phone as an alarm clock I have sometimes suffered with insomnia, usually through my own doing.

I doubt I’m alone in this, but I have a habit of waking in the middle of the night to check my phone and usually this results in me unable to fall back asleep! It was starting to have a really negative impact on my concentration and productivity and I decided that I needed to make some massive changes.

1- Use an actual alarm clock!

Despite the fact that I was highly aware of the impact that my phone checking habit was having on my sleeping pattern, using my mobile phone as an alarm clock meant that I couldn’t leave my phone in another room. This of course meant that I was unable to break this destructive circle! So last week I bought myself an actual alarm clock, I can’t believe they still exist either and have been using that in replacement of my phone! It has worked wonders for me and not waking in the night to check my phone has helped me sleep better!

2- Calm your mind before bed!

How many of us just watch telly before bed? Check our phones? Check our facebook and/or twitter? These activities require a small amount of concentration and hence we go to bed with our minds wired and awake. Its cliche but reading a book before bed really does relax your mind meaning that you fall asleep a lot easier. I love reading, I love books and despite the fact that I know the positive impact that reading has on my personal sleeping pattern, I found that I wasn’t really making time for it. Setting myself half hour to a hour a night to read has two benefits, it ensures that I get time to read and it helps me sleep!

3- Create routine.

Children and babies have routine’s and hence they tend to fall to sleep quicker. A routine ensures that your body knows that it’s meant to be doing and when, and a nighttime routine informs your body when it is expected to sleep. My routine is simple, I take my make-up off, change, put on my night cream and then I read for however long I want to.

What are your top tips for sleeping?

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