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Here is the story of my hair in just three pictures and theses transformations I go through almost every year because I am in incredibly impulsive and indecisive person (I’m a Gemini ok?). In January through to March I like my hair to be dark , in the summer I prefer my hair to be lighter and then come October I am looking for the brown dye once again. I’m quite like really, because while my skin is fairly light and kind of pale, I can wear pretty much any shade that’s not black.

 I have now been repeating this routine for at least three years, so in theory my hair should be really damaged, but unbelievably my hair is in pretty good nick. I do spend a lot of time and money looking after my hair, and over the years I have picked up some useful habits, so I thought I would share those with you.

Top Tips…

Tip 1- Washing. We all know the golden rule of hair washing, but most of us probably break it and I am no exception, but in a bid to ween my hair of it’s daily hit I have been cutting down on it’s washing. I now wash my hair every two days. We all want squeaky clean hair, but id we wash it too much then eventually your hair stops producing it’s natural oils and can either become dry or greasy. I have four shampoos that I go to for long-lasting nourishment, which are recommended below.

  • Dry shampoo…These are the holy grail of hair care products because not only are they are savior on dirty hair days, but they can also be a really useful styling product. There are various different brands, and I have recommended my favourites below, but it’s best to have a little look around and find the best one for your hair problems and price range. Brush your hair through before applying the spray directly on to the roots, holding the can at arms length. Use your finger tips to gently message the solution in to your roots. Lastly take a tooth comb and brush it through your hair. 
  • TOP TIP! Just before you go to bed at night brush your hair through to ensure you have no knots, then take a small tooth comb and brush it from top to bottom twice and then leave it down for the night. This will help your natural oils to move through your hair and help to keep your hair nourished and clean.

It is crucial that you know exactly what is in your favourite shampoo’s as certain ingredients can have a negative impact. Check out my previous post for more information.

Tip 2- Conditioning- What I made up for in shampoo, I totally lacked in conditioner and it was something I greatly neglected. I am now totally reformed and I really enjoy conditioning. I love it when you rub conditioner in your hair and you can instantly feel your hair soften, it’s one of the greatest moments in life. Conditioning makes a massive difference to my hair, because it helps keep it soft and tame, so I always condition after I have washed it.

  • Ends. I mentioned this in a previous points but try not to get conditioner on your roots. The roots of your hair are newly grown and therefore naturally nourished and do not need to have any product placed on them (aside from shampoo, they still need to be washed). Instead, separate your hair in to two section before placing conditioner in the palm of your hand and rubbing your hands together. Then take one side of your hair and from about the top of your ear downwards ( rub the hair in your palm to ensure that all strands are coated (this obviously depends on length). Then do the other side.
  • TOP TIP! Invest in a leave in conditioner and a deep treating conditioner too. I like to use my favourite deep conditioner (below) once a week, with a bath bomb and a glass of wine.

Top Tip- Brushing. This one seems obvious, I mean where can you actually go wrong brushing your hair right? But trust me, you can!

  • Brushing wet hair! This is a really bad idea FULL STOP, because when your hair is wet it is far easier to stretch and break. So it is best to leave it until your hair is dry. If you can’t wait that long, then ensure you have a fine tooth comb in your bathroom dedicated to brushing your hair. While you hair has conditioner on it, gently brush it through with a fine tooth comb because that will de-tangle and help spread the conditioner.
  • TOP TIP. Hold the top of your hair when you brush because this will stop it from stretching or breaking off.

Top Products…

  • Shampoo- The most recent find of all and my current love is the Tresemme Pro Shine Shampo. This is such a good product for the money and the amount you get is brilliant, used correct it lasts ages. The other two I love are L’Oreal Ever Riche shampoo and L’Oreal Elvive Smooth and Polish.
  • Dry Shampoo- This is predictable I know, but I really do love the Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush. I have tried a few other alternatives but this is the one I return to time and time again. I also love that you can buy colored versions, ensuring your don’t see the spray in your hair. These versions are also really useful for covering those pesky root regrowth’s.
  • Conditioner. I use the same one’s as the shampoo’s above.
  • Deep conditioner- I really love the Aussie Hair Care 3 Minute Miracle conditioner because my hair seems to breath a sigh of relief when I use this. They are however, really pricey but there are ways around this. The first is to pick up one of the foil sachets if this product because they are really cheap. The second is too look out for the offers that you sometimes see in the supermarkets, where 3 Aussie products are for £10. I look out for these and then stock up! If you don’t like these products, I would recommended the Tresemme 60 Second Platinum Strenght shot. These are really could because they are intense conditions and are only about £1.79. These are really intense and should only be done every now and again.

What are your top tips or product recommendations

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