Things that all women should know

I have a confession for you – I love buying and reading magazines. It’s become a bit of a shameful secret of mine. This is because magazines have a habit of saying or doing the wrong things, especially when it comes to blogging.

Yet I still buy them, I still read them and it remains one of my favourite ways to pass the time.

But even I can admit that some of the articles are absolute rubbish and I worry about the message they are sending young women.

So forget the “how to get a man” articles, these are the things that women should know about.

What feminism really means //

Remember the whole Jonny-Camilla argument of recent history? Well, sadly it’s not just men that have that view. I’ve regularly encountered women who seem to think that feminism is irrelevant or that it’s a dirty word somehow. It isn’t. Being a feminist isn’t about the superiority of the female sex it’s about equality, plain and simple.

It’s ok not to want children // 

It’s a debate that rears its ugly head every few months and it’s a question that’s only ever asked of female celebrities. For some reason, women who don’t want children have become characterised as being unkind or cold-hearted. This is not the case whatsoever and men rarely asked or judged by this question. If you don’t want children, that’s your prerogative, that’s absolutely fine and you’re allowed to do whatever the hell you want.

Mind your language //

Sometimes it’s just interesting to sit back and listen to how other people are talking. After a while, you really start to notice the difference in the language that people use for men and women. Men are determined, women are bitchy. Men are ambitious, women are bossy. Men can have it all, women shouldn’t want it all.

It’s ok to be career-focussed //

When people talk about men being career-focussed, it’s usually done so in a really positive way. However, when the term is used to discuss a woman, it tends to have negative connotations. It suggests that the women are somehow putting her job above everything else. It’s so frustrating and completely untrue.

There is a pay gap //

Did you know that some women get paid less than their male counterparts for doing exactly the same job? It might not affect you now but it probably will one day.

Be opinionated //

When men are opinionated it is seen as a really positive thing but women are expected to be mild and passive. I’m an opinionated woman because I’m angry about the things that are going on in Britain and honestly, you should be too.

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