Things to do when bored


In the UK this week school finally breaks for the summer and that means two things – young people everywhere and parents searching desperately for activities to keep them occupied. A harmless but annoying disease breaks out amongst our younger peers – boredom- and once it breaks out it spreads like wildfire. There are some steps that can be taken to avoid the contagious disease and these are a few things to do when bored.

Fun things

Play video games // There are thousands of video games on the market and it’s safe to say that there is pretty much something for everyone. Perhaps your parents don’t allow you to play games in term time so make the most of it while you can.

Go out with friends // There is nothing quite like a night out with friends, whether it be a film, a cheeky beverage or a play at the local theatre, there is something special about having a shared experience.

Write // I love writing and I like to think that I am actually quite good at it, I could be wrong but time will tell. It’s a fun hobby, a chance to express your creativity and expand your imagination.

Take pictures // Whether you have a cheap digital camera, a mobile phone or an expensive SLR taking pictures is an incredibly rewarding hobby.

Make a youtube channel // I started my youtube channel a few weeks back and I love it. Now admittedly I haven’t been uploading as many video’s as I might have liked and the content is different to what I had planned but I still love it.

Productive things

Put your documents in order // Now this is a cheat idea for me because I love organisation at the best of times but putting your documents in order is something that is totally worth doing. You’ll no longer have to hunt for important information and that will save so much stress and hassle.

Read // Another cheat option for me and I wasn’t sure whether to put this in the “fun” category because I personally find reading to be enjoyable and rewarding endeavour. However it’s also really productive because you can learn a lot from reading a good book.

Create a linkedin profile // Linkedin is one of the most confusing of the social networking platforms but it’s also the most worthwhile because more and more companies are using it for hiring and scouting for talent. It’s basically an online CV and it makes applying for jobs a lot easier.

Create a blog // I might be a tad biased but I love, love, love blogging. Why wouldn’t you, it’s like your only little online magazine. Blogging is such an essential part of my life these days and I can’t imagine my world without OhKay-DohKay.

What other idea’s would you add?


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