Things to do for you

Things to do for you.

How often do we listen to what other people say, suggest or advise us to do? How often do we do things for other people, things that in theory we should be doing for ourselves? Did you cringe at your answers to these questions like I did? This post fits in well with my peer pressure advice because the two issues are definitely related. If you’re anything like me, you do this far more often than you probably should but there are somethings in life that you should only ever do for yourself. These are just a few.

Things to do for you.

Anything and everything related to your body // Do you want to lose weight? Then go for it. Do you want to put weight on? Same thing, go for it and the same thing goes for piercings, tattoos and anything else that people are doing these days. Despite what women are constantly being told, your body is your’s and your’s alone, so do whatever you want to it to make yourself feel happier, especially if you are happy with exactly what you have. If a partner has suggested or told you to do something for them, remember two crucial things – some relationships end and what happens then? Secondly they should love you for you, exactly who you are. Do something for the wrong reasons and you will end up regretting it in the long run.

Choosing your career and future // Have you ever felt guilty or suffered from OOO Syndrome (odd one out) because you decided not to go to university? Did you go to university but not because you really wanted to? I’m sure a lot of people did because far too much emphasis is placed on the further education sector. I’ve always believed that anyone who wants to go to university should be more than able to do so, but no one should feel that they have to and that’s the key thing. Do whatever the heck you want to do and always try to follow your goals and dreams. Realistically it isn’t always going to happen and besides dreams change as we grow up but do what feels right to you and you won’t go far wrong.

Getting married // Another pressure that society loves to put upon women and another decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Society is still caught up in the idea that getting married should be the sole goal for women across the country but as with everything in life, there will be some people who feel that way and other’s that simply do not. The sooner we accept that, the more women can do what they want, the better the world will be!

What would you add to the list?


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