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Yesterday I blogged about my capsule pieces, the items that will go from season to season and form the basic staples of any outfit. So continuing with that theme today I wanted to help you build your capsule make-up collection. Those easy wear bits and bobs that should form the absolute essentials, the things that you can always pull off and the bits that will never go out of fashion.

So without further ado.

  • Red lip. A red lipstick is the absolute bomb, the essential lipstick colour that works for day and for night. In fact why limit yourself and have only one? I have at least every shade of red as part of my collection. Such is the importance that I actually insist on carrying a red lipstick in my handbag at all times, in case I ever come in to a red lip kinda emergency.
  • Black eyeliner.  A black eye liner is the absolute basic, an essential and it’s importance should not be understated. One little stick that can create an unspeakable amount of interesting and exciting looks. Another piece that will take you from day to night.
  • A powder. Basic but completely life saving.
  • White liner. If you don’t have a white eyeliner in your collection then firstly why the heck not? And secondly get your butt out there and get one now. If you, like me, have regular morning meetings and you, like me, aren’t a morning person then this simple item will completely change your life. A little swipe on the inter corner of your lower lash line and your boss will never need know about the night before.
  • Simple lipgloss. Whether in a rush or simply feeling make-up lazy, a basic clear lipgloss will take you from day to day. Even if you wear nothing else, a little swipe of gloss can make the world of difference.

What are your must have items?


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  • Reply Kay Page October 28, 2014 at 4:38 pm

    I nail one eye and the other just ends up on the wonk!! Takes a hell of a lot of time haha xx

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