Things I want to see in the Sims 4


This week has been a busy and stressful one so today I wanted to do something a bit more light-hearted! I’ve recently become addicted to the Sims 4, in case you hadn’t noticed, so today we are talking about things I want to see in future Sims 4 expansion and stuff packs.

Tattoo parlours // So right now we can take sims to the spa in order for them to have a number of health treatments done but how awesome would it be if Sims could go to a tattoo parlour?

Supermarkets // I wanna take my Sims shopping, proper shopping and I want them to be able to purchase supermarket only content. Imagine taking them to do their weekly shop, kids in toe!

Toddler stage // What happened to the toddler stage? It was legitimately the best part? I want to be able to teach my Sim children how to walk and talk!

Pocket money // In my gameplay my children are exceptionally well behaved, they clean up after them and always do their homework as soon as they get in from school. It would be extremely cool for sims to be able to give their offspring pocket money for helping around the house or just generally being well behaved.

Funerals // So we have birthday parties and we have weddings, surely it’s about times that we were able to host funerals? Or better yet there should be a graveyard to remember deceased sims.

Robbers // Pah I never thought I would say this but I miss the fun that came with having potential burglars in the game!

More careers // The Get to Work expansion pack was the best Sims development ever and I still love it but it needs to be expanded. I can’t wait to see more careers added to the set up and here’s hoping for model, magazine editor and blogger to be added!!

What would you add?


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    Haha wouldn’t it be fun!? Haha yes definitely do! We all need some fun 🙂 xxx

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