Things I do when home alone


Let’s be honest we all have certain things we do when we are home alone, things we wouldn’t dream of doing with company and today I thought I would let you in on a secret.

These are things I do when no one else is around.

Watch Netflix all day long // Despite my love-hate relationship with Talktalk we do have one of their YouView boxes and I really rate it. I love that Netflix is now connected to my TV but it also has it’s negatives too because I do have a tendency to binge on my favourite shows. In case you are wondering at the moment these are – Making a Murderer (already watched from beginning to end but am now watching again for clues), Pretty Little Liars, Forensic Files and all other crime documentaries.

Talk to myself // Talking to yourself in public is generally frowned upon but come on, we all do it now and again. When I’m home alone I do this an awful lot.

Acting like a goof ball // Not only do I talk to myself but I make silly noises, dance like nobody is watching and practice my catwalk strut. I’m not alone am I?

Wee with the door open // I’m not going to go in to any detail on this.

So come on then, what do you do when you are home alone?

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  • Irena

    I turn on the music. And dance.

    • Kay

      <3 Because why not! :)