The Sctrictly Line up – My view!

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Welcome back my blog and today a slightly different post! As most of you will know, yesterday the 2013 Strictly Come Dancing line-up was announced. I must confess that I wasn’t a big fan at the begin but now I certainly am. I love it, its one of those “junky-feel good” kind of films, like the Hills, Towie, etc, you know that they aren’t gaining anything from watching it but whatever, it’s a good laugh. Another reason that I love, love, love it, is because it does of course mean that we are now officially in the run up to Christmas! My favourite season of the year. So anyway I guessed that I would just give you my personal opinion on the named line-up and I will even go as far to predict who I think will be good! I am not a dancer, a dancer teacher or particularly good at predicting these things, so please do not place any bets using my opinion!

So I thought I should just start by naming all the celebrities and their “talent” shall we say,

  • Abby Clancey- Peter Crouch is wife and she also does a lot with fashion. This one could really go either way, she is a beautiful body with lovely long legs but I do wonder if they might get in the way almost and she might potentially appear awkward.
  • Ashley Taylor Dawson- Hollyoaks actor and was once in the band (that had a TV show). If you are not famialr with the band, I am hugely ashamed to say that I do know how their are and had a major crush on this dude, check out one of their “hits” a word I do use loosely, here. In theory as a member of a band that did a lot of caregrophed numbers, he should have no problem learning or performing his routines but, we will of course see.
  • Ben Cohen- a rugby player. Could be a dark horse.
  • Dave Myer- baseball player. Don’t know enough about him to comment.
  • Deborah Meaden- the ledgend from Dragon’s Den. I think this woman is pretty great. I am not predicting that she will be any good but I love the ida of seeing her dancing. Brilliant.
  • Fiona Fullerton- Actoress, had to google this one because I don’t really know who she is.
  • Julien MacDonald- Fashion designer. I really like this guy. He is a really talented designer and I think they have probably done pretty well to get him on the show.  He must surely be on of few designers ever on the show and I think that he will probably be really entertaining and good fun.  
  • Mark Bention- Actor. I am extremely excited about this celebrity because I am a huge fan of Benton. As an actor he is really talented and his comedic timing is normally spot on. I recently saw him in Hairspray as Edna and he was excellent. His dancing was pretty good actually so I think he will take to the lively styles really well, but I do think he might struggle with the ballroom types. I am puttinh my money (hypethitcally) on him and I am hoping that he wins. I can alsmost gaurentee that he will provide us with some amazin moments too.
  • Natalie Gumeda- Actress. This is another one that I am really excited about because I really rate her as an actress. For those of you who might not know, Natalie is the lady who played Tryone’s evil wife Kirsty, the abuser in the violent relationship. She played the part fantastically. I think she might struggle with confidence, but I really like her and hope she does well.
  • Patrick Robinson- Actor. Again I do now know him well enough.
  • Rachel Rilley- Countdown person. I think she might to well too.
  • Sophie Ellis-Bexter- Singer. Most famous song was “Murder on the Dancefloor”, let’s hope not shall wee say. Also I am predicting that Len, Bruno or most likely Craig use this joke at some point.
  • Susanna Reid- BBC Presenter.
  • Vanessa Feltz- I don’t like her generally.
  • Tony Jacklin- golfer.

Anywhoo that is my thoughts and opinions. I will probably post occassionaly during the series but we shall see how it goes.

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