The Scrub Of Your Life Review

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I apologies for the random intro there, it’s raining pretty bad and I thought I would cheer you all up by having a little sing song! Back to blogging, today I am back with another review for you. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I am back with another Soap and Glory product!

Yes I know I’m a little bit late to this party (I like to think it’s fashionably so) but I was bought my first ever Soap and Glory Yule Monty gift set for Christmas, and I have fast become acquainted with the gorgeous products inside. Hence I am reviewing them on here!

So today I am reviewing the Scrub of Your Life exfoliater.




  • Thick
  • Foamy
  • Just the right amount of exfoliating beads

First Impressions…

  • I really like the smell of this exfoliater. It has a fruity, summery smell and I can strongly detect strawberries.
  • I like the look of this product. It has a small amount of beads which suggests it will be quite gentle, which I like.


  • I can’t say that I LOVE this but I don’t HATE it either. It didn’t really seem to make a lot of difference on to my skin.
  • While it is gentle and I do like that it doesn’t have too many beads, I prefer the natural “sugar” scrubs because they seem to have an immediate effect on my dry skin.

Verdict- This is probably my least favourite Soap and Glory product, because I have been really loving the other products in the set. I would recommend this to someone that is looking for a gentle scrub  but if your looking for something that will really make a difference, I suggest that you try one of the sugar scrubs instead.

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