The political series, an introduction…

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I’ve wanted to do these kind of posts for a long time now but I’ve kept putting them off due to my lack of self-belief but as you can see I have caved and decided it was time to take the leap.

So I’ve decided to split the subject in to three posts and two videos. The first (this one) is a generic introduction to the series, what you can expect and why, while the other two will be more educational. The first post (Wednesday) will cover the absolute basics, discussing thins like the political spectrum (left and right wing) and how our democracy works. While the second post (Sunday) will discuss what each party actually stands for and hopefully help you decide who you believe that you should be voting for.

If there is anything that you would like to know more about, please feel free to pop me an email or comment and I will see what I can do.

It would also be pretty amazing if we could get some debate going, so please feel free to tweet me using the hashtag #getpolitical.

The General Election is fast approaching and it’s set to be the most important one in years, yet as it stands it could go either way. Every voice, person and vote counts but some people don’t feel they have all the necessary knowledge to participate, something that really worries me. We aren’t taught enough in school and many of us leave feeling that we know little or nothing about the political system in the United Kingdom. However it doesn’t stop us from each having a valid opinion, we all have something that really matters to us but it does mean that we perhaps feel a little bit left behind, unsure of how to express what we believe. It leaves us feeling as if our opinion doesn’t actually matter, even if it does.

Once upon a time I felt that way too and while I was desperate to launch myself in to the political arena and desperate to understand how it all worked I was shy, nervous and worried that I lacked the knowledge. I felt that I didn’t understand enough, that I would be looked at as an idiot and I concluded that there was no point in me being involved. I wrongly assumed that in order to be political, you needed to know what heavy political terms meant, things such as infrastructure, right and left wing, etc, etc.

Yet at the last election, when my confidence was the highest that it had ever been, I decided that enough was enough and I was at least going to attempt to get involved. It was the best decision that I ever made and in my opinion it was the best political education that I could have ever had.

I have learnt a lot from being politically active. I’ve learnt from the people around me, both on the same side and not, but most of all I’ve had to teach myself and I’ve done a lot of self-educating. While I still don’t know anywhere near the level of information that I would perhaps like, I do know enough and do feel comfortable having a political conversation with someone.

However the biggest lesson that I learnt and the one that I really want to share with you, is that knowledge doesn’t always matter. In order to “get” politics you don’t need to be an Oxford graduate or a political scientist, you just need two crucial components- opinions (which we all have) and the willingness to learn, have these and you will have everything you ever need.

I hope that some of you benefit from these posts, I would greatly appreciate your opinions and if you did find them beneficial please let me know in the comments.


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