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Last week I launched my political interview series and was thrilled to talk to the wonderful Ali Caitrin about her political opinions. It was a post that went down really well and today I’m back with a second instalment.

Today I’m talking to Laura Haley from Inside Laura’s Head and she’s going to be answering the same questions for me.


Thank you Laura for taking part and let’s get to it!


Would you say that you are quite political?

Definitely. I like to follow what’s going on, and used to be heavily involved in my union (and lightly involved in the labour party) before I got a job working for a union. Then I stepped out of the young members network I was involved in because of working for a different union, and then I got a promotion and had too much on at work to justify spending my free time doing labour stuff-I was barely in my house anyway. I need to get back into it now really.

Did you vote at the last election?

Yes, Labour. I feel that we should all vote-it’s pretty important! Read up on what the parties stand for and vote for the one closest to what you believe. And lobby your MP to tell them your views. They represent YOU.

How did you feel about the outcome in 2015?

I was gutted. I hoped that after 5 years of the Tory cuts to our public services (one of the unions I worked for was UNISON, so I saw the effects every single day!) the public would realise and vote them out. Sadly, the opposite happened.

Would you say that you identify with a certain party? (Feel free to say whom or not if you don’t want to? Or even if you think you are right/left wing).

I’m very left wing. More left than Labour to be honest. My view is we need to get the Labour party into power, and get involved in our local party and influence them to become more left overall. Jeremy Corbyn is, in my opinion, a breath of fresh air, and I’m chuffed he became the leader of the party. He had my vote.

What issues most concern you?

Workers rights, women’s rights, our NHS, our other public services, the steel industry. It’s clear from that list that these are the issues that affect me and the people closest to me most. There are many, many other important issues of course.

Would you say that you are a feminist?

I am. I believe women should be completely equal to men, and I will continue to try to explain feminism to the rest of the world. We don’t all burn our bras and hate men, that’s a total myth.

Do you admire any politicians/political figures?

Jeremy Corbyn, because he stood for leader even though people were saying he shouldn’t. He fought to get the right number of nominations to even be able to stand. And then he smashed it. I can’t wait until he is PM at the next election-I have faith.

What would you say to David Cameron if you met him?

I actually don’t want to meet him, to be honest. If I did, I’d ask why he bailed out the banks but wouldn’t help my Redcar Steelworkers. I’d ask him what he thought his disabled son would think of him making all the cuts he has made. I’d ask him how he sleeps at night. And I’d link him to a post I’ve got coming up, telling the truth about life on the new Universal Credit (which used to be Jobseekers Allowance).

What would you say to Jeremy Corbyn if you met him?

I’d tell him he’s inspired me. That I’m really proud of him. And that he will make a brilliant prime minister in the future.

If you were PM for the day what two things would you do? One funny and one serious! 🙂

I’d make the big companies like Starbucks pay their taxes, and I’d put the money back where it should be-into our NHS and other public services. Then once I’d sorted that very important thing out, I’d sit down and give Larry the Downing Street cat a lovely long fuss.

Have you decided how you intend to vote in the EU election?

I’m pro EU. I’ll be voting to stay in, as I believe the EU is good for us, for a myriad of reasons. I’m actually posting on this soon.

Thank Laura, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. I too will be writing a post on the EU in the next few weeks, after we’ve won a Welsh Labour Government!

Stay tuned for next week when I’ll be interviewing another awesome blogger!

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