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It’s a pretty important time for politics at the moment and whatever your political beliefs there’s definitely an issue worth sinking your teeth in to. In May we have a number of elections (particularly important for Wales, Scotland and London) and in June we have the hugely important EU referendum, a decision that is being hailed as the most important of our generation.

And yet around the country people are being cheated out of their voice.

Whether they are choosing to not vote because they feel disenfranchised or they can’t vote because they are yet to register (still time!!) it’s a fate that is deeply concerning.

As someone that is already political, I know how easy it can be to get caught up in your own opinions and battles, failing to consider what other people think or feel.

So I thought it was time to chat to other bloggers about politics, their opinions and each week I’ll be interviewing one for this series – more information on how you can get involved below.

So this week I’ve interviewed the lovely Ali Caitrin, a genuinely nice person and who’s blog you should go check out!

A huge thank you to Ali for agreeing to take part and here is what she had to say.


I’m Ali and I’m a 21 year old computer geek currently living in London. By day I’m studying for my computing degree and the rest of the time you will most likely find me either snuggled up reading a book or on my laptop trying to do 100 things at once. I like cats, travelling and drinking tea on a regular basis. I’m also a big fan of the colour green.

Would you say that you are quite political?

I would like to think so yes. Since last year’s general election I started taken an interest in politics and how our government works as I found out how important it was, I actually find it quite interesting too which is a plus.

Did you vote at the last election?

Yes I did, it was the first year I was able to vote and I went with my parents so I knew where I was going.

How did you feel about the outcome in 2015?

The outcome was what I expected it to be but I was still disappointed with the outcome. I really wanted Labour to win even though I felt like the Conservative were that little bit stronger. I wanted Ed campaigned more than he did and not just during the busiest time of the election, I think he would have stood more of a chance then.

Would you say that you identify with a certain party? (Feel free to say whom or not if you don’t want to? Or even if you think you are right/left wing).

Last year I voted for the Labour party and I continue to identify myself with them as they’re the party that most matches my political views.

What issues most concern you?

The NHS seems to be at breaking point at the moment and that worries me, we definitely need to take care of it better, whether that means putting more money into the NHS or make some changes is a whole different kettle of fish. Another thing that worries me is how low the minimum wage is, I can’t understand how they think that’s enough to live on without needing any other benefits. Sanitary tax needs to go too, it should have been stopped ages ago!

Would you say that you are a feminist?

Definitely! I identified myself as a feminist long before I was into politics, well I thought even then I did have my opinions on political issues without even realising! You would be all here day if I started to talk about feminism – it’s something that’s really important to me.

Do you admire any politicians/political figures?

I’ve become a fan of Jeremy Corbyn recently. He does seem to be the dark horse of the Labour party but I do think he has great potential.

What would you say to David Cameron if you met him?

Hmm that’s a difficult one. If I’m honest I don’t really like him, I think very egoistic and rude. I would first off ask him if he thinks he could survive on minimum wage and if not how does he expect others to then I would tell him to get the UK’s priorities sorted. I think I would leave it at that haha!

What would you say to Jeremy Corbyn if you met him?

I would ask him to talk about all of the things that were important to him about the UK and why he think he would be a good Prime Minister, I guess I would grill him a bit. I wouldd offer him tea so he’d knew I’m nice really!

Have you decided who you’re voted for in May?

I haven’t decided on who I’m going to vote for in May yet. To be honest I haven’t thought much about the Mayor of London election so that’s something I’m going to have to look into.

Have you decided which way you will vote in the EU referendum?

I’ll be voting to stay in the EU in June. I was never in favour of leaving anyway and even after researching about it, the pros seem to outweigh the cons when it comes to staying so I don’t think it’s worth it for us to risk losing the benefits we already have by being a part of the EU.

If you were PM for the day what two things would you do? One funny and one serious! 🙂

I actually wrote a post about this last April (the link is here) but if I had to pick my top two things to do the first would be to of course help restore the NHS to the point where it was in a safe place. My second one would have to be to give everyone the day off, then I would go and find all the secrets place in England that I wouldn’t be able to go to as a normal citizen and have a little fun day trip!

So again a huge thank you to Ali for taking part! And if you’re interested then please feel free to pop me an email ( and just pop Political Interview Series in to the subject field.

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