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A couple of weeks ago Leanne Cornelius from the beautiful blog A Slice of My Welsh Life, tagged me in her Non-Negotiables post and I was really excited to write my own version.

The idea is that you make a list of non-negotiable things that you will do for yourself, things that are specifically for you and absolutely nobody else.

This tag post is completely different to other types because this one didn’t start it’s life as an actual bloggers tag. It was initially written by Pouting In Heels and since then it has spread like wildfire and it’s a really nice deviation!

So enough chatting, these are my non-negotiatiables.

Make more time for self-care // I am extremely guilty of neglecting my self and of not putting as much time in to self-care as I really should. It’s something that I’ve been really working on lately and I’ve been trying to incorporate it in to my every day routine using my bullet journal. So I’m committed to ensuring I do much more self-care and do things that make me feel good about myself. It’s actually been really helping but I’ve also enjoyed reading other people’s posts on the topic especially Hannah’s, which you can find here.

The miracle morning // I bought the Miracle Morning book a while ago now and then I heard Boho Berry raving about it on her blog and I knew that it was something I needed to get involved with. I’ve been trying to do this every day and it’s really hard but it’s something I’m committed to. I’ve also written this in my bullet journal!

Be more social // When I’m social I’m happy, when I’m happy I’m more successful and yet sometimes my anxiety gets the better of me. I’m going to work on this and really put myself out there about more, both on twitter and in real life.

Have more get up and go // This is something I really suck at and yet how I start my morning is usually how I finish it too. I’m going to really work on improving my motivation and hopefully the above commitments will help!

So they are my non-negotiable and now I get to tag a few people!

So I tag Gweni, Marc, Hannah and Jesse.

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